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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 24, 2015, 9:40 PM
I'm doing a little project that's a little out of my comfort zone but it's something to do. It's a guro day challenge but what I'm gonna do is post them on Fur Affinity exclusively (the REALLY adult ones anyway), draw them all at once (or when I feel like it) then add color on my compy and post one finished pic a day.

They'll be in my chibi style and the characters wont look like they're in pain (at least not all of em), not all will be gory, and some will be a little goofy or even sexy.

The deal is I want you to pick a category and I'll draw your character in said situation (feel free to give me a description of their situation to make it easier on my meager imagination).


Original characters only!
One OC per a slot. (Not including number 11)
Slots for friend's OCs are welcome.
Please send me a Note and add a link of a picture your character for reference.

There will be nudity in here. Remember that.
Also I'm adding some of my characters and myself cuz I'm doing this and I can do what I wants!

1. Amputation - neko (Mine)
2. Decapitation - Maria (Mine)
3. Vore/Cannibalism - Maya (Mine)
4. Piercing/Body modification - Malai (Mine)
5. Mask/Covered eyes/Covered mouth - Lennor (Mine)
6. Surgery - Akaru (Mine)
7. Stitches - Ackley Fletcher :iconkimariwarui:
8. Undead/Zombie - Elaine 'Elle' MacArthur :iconmetalshadown64:
9. Skeleton/Bones - Theron Posmilla :iconkimariwarui:
10. Cyborg/Mechanical - Metal Shadow :iconmetalshadown64:
11. Conjoined bodies
12. Parasite - Katie (Mine)
13. Sickness - CODE-0 :iconaria-suna-kunoichi:
14. Self harm - Aldred Trancy :iconinuralph:
15. Insects - eerph (eerph from FurAffinity)
16. Bondage - Jacques: King of Fools (LadyALT69 from FurAffinity)
17. Tentacles - Elfy (Damon-Shadowfire from FurAffinity)
18. Ball-jointed doll - Kina (Mine)
19. Petplay - Rosalynd (Mine)
20. Eyes - Bandit :iconkimariwarui:
21. Breath play - Cake (Damon-Shadowfire from FurAffinity)
22. Torture devices - Cherri (Mine)
23. Nosebleed - Me (Me)
24. Bloodbath - John Dacote :iconmetalshadown64:
25. Organs
26. Plants - April (Mine)
27. Extra limbs
28. Knives/Guns/Weapons - Kuma Uzumaki :iconinuralph:
29. Burn - Irf (irf from FurAffinity)
30. Monstrous - Mamoru Carter :iconkimariwarui:
31. Claustrophobia - Nali :iconxtoxicxthexkittenx:
32. Scarring/Disfigurations - Samael Skynight :iconrosiegamer:
33. Beaten up/Bruising - Codename: Lone Hope :iconhope-n-forever:

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